Mobile Charity Shop

Most people want to feel good by We would greatly appreciate it if you pay your ‘old’ goods forward so that others can also benefit from them. ‘paying it forward’. The Mobile charity shop allows for this kind of goodwill be happy to assist you in this ‘cluttering process’. You need to empty your cup in order for more to be added unto you. Anyone wanting to take leave of their unwanted, but still useful items, while simultaneously contributing positively to society, can make a huge difference without a hands-on involvement in projects.
Our Mobile charity shop will gladly accept any items still in good condition such as clothing, books, toys, puzzles, electrical items, games, linen, ornaments, . Kitchenware and lab furniture. Basically anything and everything that can be used.
These items are cleaned if necessary, sorted and then priced very reasonably. The profit generated from the sale of these items is used for the feeding scheme initiatives and towards Hope Faith and Grace Community Project.
Jumble drives, markets, and other events are often initiated to supplement the income of the shop. We will invite schools and companies to participate in these drives. The Mobile charity shop will provide everyone an opportunity to purchase quality goods at affordable prices. It definitely gives the less fortunate person more dignity to pay with the little money available to them rather than to be given handouts or steal.