HFG Youth Club

What we do at HFG Youth Club

HFG youth club is a youth ministry that involves and engages with young people ages 12 to 20 who live in our community.We enable our youth to meet with their peers, socialize, praise and worship God, teaching them discipleship, skills and development ,we involve them in community projects to become part of the community in which they live. We are concerned with nurturing their personal and spiritual growth and offer activities that challenge and stimulate their minds.

St Michaels Presbyterian Church is letting us use their hall for our youth club.It is in a safe accessible place, on 7th Third Street Springs .The youth group is supported by adults,but will be a place where young people design their own program and activities whilst developing a sense of community and participation.
We encourage youth to become leaders and teach them to promote their skills, self worth,creativity and enterprise. We encourage decision making by providing information, enabling informed choices and personal development opportunities based on Bible principles and our lives in a work place environment.
We encourage the youth to invite as many friends as possible, and we looking forward to walking a long journey with you!