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About Us

Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project started on the 24 May 2018 and  aims to make a significant contribution in decreasing poverty and increasing employment in our community.


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The vision of the organisation is to alleviate  poverty and empower people in the local communities. We work closely with existing organisations to assist people mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically to become self-reliant.

Mission Statement

We help people in our community thrive by providing practical skills programs that enable them to earn a living.

Organisational Values

The organisation has the following values based on the Word of God:

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Reliability

Purpose Statement

Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project realize that there are many organizations doing good work amongst community members in their respective areas, and have encouraged them to assist with their expertise and knowledge to benefit our community. We will also identify and assist needy projects and up-skill people to obtain employment.

Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project realize that we cannot change the world, but that we can make a meaningful contribution towards changing the lives of people who are willing to accept our support and willing to take action to improve their own situation.

We are a community and spiritually based organization that is:

  • Actively creating and implementing solutions that will enable people within our community to earn sufficient income to provide for their basic needs and to improve their quality of life.This will be achieved by up-skilling them to either start their own business or become employable, helping them find employment locally and teaching them life and business skills that will add value to Their lives.
  • Identifying existing organizations that are currently providing services and skills to the surrounding communities in our areas and ensuring they meet the required partnership criteria.
  • Funds solicited from sponsors will assist towards training, feeding schemes and every-day expenses

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