Volunteers and company visits


Hope, Faith & Grace Community Projects is about getting our community involved and one of the best ways we can do this is by giving them a chance to give back to our young adults. We are looking for volunteers to come and teach our youth a skill, supervising, team-building activities, fundraising events, camping events, and sharing some personal stories of encouragement.

If you can offer medical assistance, education, or medical and emergency rescue care, we will be most grateful.

Company visits

We would like to educate our young adults as much as possible and take them on outings while they learn. If you have a company that we can bring these young adults to for a tour to see how you run your business, please get in touch with us so we can fit it in our programme.

This is subject to a police clearance, qualifications and where we can slot you in on our programme.


  1. All glory to God! Hope., faith, and grace you have are doing a wonderful thing through God to help everyone in need. I am so proud to know u Kerry

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