Hope Faith Grace hosted a training event at St Michaels’s

Rev Muzi Majola of St Michael’s Presbyterian Church opened his church doors on Thursday to provide Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project with a platform to hold their business training event.

The event focuses on men and women in Springs who are homeless or battling with addiction.

“We want to reach out to the youth, to get them off of the streets and get them employed and independent,” says Kerry-Leigh Wright, who organised the event.

Many businesses gave presentations and inspirational talks in an effort to inspire the men and women to start their own businesses.

These included medical and engineering companies.

One company used Oprah Winfrey as an example of how someone coming from immense poverty can start their own successful business.

The speaker emphasized they should be goal driven, find a way to serve the community and believe in their own potential.

One trainee, Clarence Wilhase, says: “I can really appreciate businesses and how they work and can see that I can make it work even though I come from a poor background.”

Street evangelist Wikus Fourie says he wishes to uplift people spiritually so they can learn and spread the word of God.

Fourie also says they are working toward building a homeless shelter in Springs.

Wright hopes Hope, Faith and Grace can grow and reach out to colleges to help them grow their project by gaining sponsorships.