Code Jika clubs starting in Springs


Why Code?

Coding is the language of the future. Whether an entrepreneur, doctor or software engineer, coding will help you understand and plan in a modern world.

Social Innovation:

Successful applicants are also assigned a class of high-school learners to develop into coders using what you have learnt. These leadership skills will enable success in the workplace.

Example Elements of the Scholarship::

What better way to understand and learn code than to learn how to make websites – Something everyone needs.

“An incredibly powerful learn-Teach methodology, building leadership and accountability into the program.”

LEARN: The basics of CSS/HTML, quickly progressing to intermediate Jquery & responsive design. Ending with a Web-Development Project & Intership Opportunities.

TEACH: Web Design Basics to a class of high-school students, and ending with your club of learners enthusiastically creating a website for their school as their final projects.