Green Coffee cares

Hope, Faith and Grace receive clothing donation from Green Coffee

Green Coffee Cares founder Dilsha Maharaj says there is nothing more that makes her content than giving back to the community. Maharaj adds solely our purpose in life is next to giving back to the next individual without expecting anything back.

“Clothing for other people is a luxury, why store clothes that can be used by people who are disadvantaged?” She rhetorically asked.

She adds whether it be clothing the idea of re-using is of imperativeness to preserve the environment we belong in instead of filling up landfills with material waste.

Maharaj says she hopes this donation is the beginning of a long and sustainable relationship between Green Coffee Cares and Hope, Faith and Grace to transform those who are in disadvantaged communities.

Founder of Hope, Faith and Grace Kerry-leigh Wright says the organisation is beyond pleased with the donation of clothes by Green Coffee Cares.

According to Wright the organisation has been in existence for about a year its objective is to alleviate poverty and provide skills for students who are currently in high school to be employable should they not have the funds to further their studies.

Wright emphasises a skill which their organisation offers is teaching students the building blocks of the Internet and providing the fundamentals to building their own websites.

“It is very important for the youth to be able to make their own money at a young age as it makes it easier for them to fit in the corporate environment and teaching them appropriate behaviour and expectations for individual actions within the workplace to create an environment where all can feel comfortable and safe” she added.