Community outreach is such a big part of our organisation. I know people are asking, “How can we still continue with our outreach programmes when we start our safe haven youth centre?’’. It’s really simple, as our youth will be involved.

Our young adults will utilise what they have been taught and their talents and use them to make an exciting programme with dance, song and a story line for children at selected schools, organisations, other centres and fundraising events. This will help build their confidence and leadership skills.

They will help at selected animal shelters, giving them emotional healing and the understanding of how to love and nurture animals. This is very therapeutic and will assist them with emotional healing. Often, animal shelters have not got enough volunteers, and this will help them on the odd day to be able to focus on the kennels, admin, and day-to-day running.

They will be involved in feeding schemes, where they can connect with underprivileged people so that they can understand how important it is to make the correct life style decisions and to teach them humanity and kindness to those in need.