Guest Speakers Codi and Korsten

Our youth were privileged to have two guests join us at the HFG Youth Club. Drugs are becoming a huge problem in our society, and contribute to the high poverty and crime situation we are facing. We are on a mission to teach our youth the negative impacts drugs have on their lives and invited Codi to join us and share his life story with us. He told us how his life was changed by drugs and the struggle of getting over the addiction, to working at Elim and producing and sharing his story through his songs. How only God fills a void. We are going to focus a lot on drug abuse and stand alongside other organisations and community members that feel the same way to create awareness about the problem.
We also had Korstiaan Schipper who is gifted with prophecy to share word with our youth, with the encouragement to always get confirmation over any word spoken over them.
Thank you to both of our guests for taking the time to inspire our youth. We hope you visit us again soon. God bless.