Our young adults in need

We have identified a huge increase of unemployment in our young adults. So many of them come from horrific situations, have not completed their education, and have no working experience making it so much harder for them to find jobs. In our phase one project we will focus on young adults ages 18 to 24 to empower them to become employable or small business owners.

We will identify young adults that can benefit from our program through:

  • Foster homes – 18 years old (by taking these young adults we will open space up for other youth that are in dire need of a safe place to stay, and this will also contribute towards income for their wellbeing).
  • Stay and pay residents – We have come across a few young adults who need guidance whose parents can afford for them to stay and receive all the benefits that our Centre has to offer.
  • Rehab – So many young adults have gone to rehab and when they are cleaned up often go back to the same environment and friends that enabled them to do drugs, resulting in a relapse. Our Centre’s facilities will be offered to them so that we can help them focus on a better future.
  • Streets – We have found a increase of youth sleeping on the streets that need a fresh start at life.
  • Sponsored young adults – We will raise funds or have sponsors for young adults to stay at our Centre.

We will open our safe haven to a minimum of 20 young adults on the day of our grand opening, ensuring all the legal paperwork is done. They will have to go through an induction, covering the rules of our organisation such as sexual harassment, drug testing, etc. They will be offered a 2-year program.

For the first year we will focus on psychometric testing, counselling, team building exercises, ids, driving license’s, soft skills, giving back to the community, dance, hospitality, skills projects, camping, arts and crafts and leadership skills.

For the second year we will do business training, web design, and start with placements where they will be given a chance to be interviewed by companies that can offer those skills, training or apprenticeships, depending on their interest. Once they have obtained a job, they will be given an opportunity to rent a room until they have a  car and money for their own accommodation.