How Fear Can Affect Us In Small Ways

What I experienced with some of our youth members last week:

Anyone who knows me, also knows that I have not had the best of luck when it comes to cars. I have met many interesting people when my car has broken down. Often, it does start. Giving us an excellent conversational ice-breaker.

I often pick up our young people for various projects that we do and they always manage to squeeze in.

This week, whilst driving with some of our young adults, we stopped at a fuel station to check the water. We had to switch the car off while the friendly attendant checked the radiator’s water level.

Then it happened again, the car would not start! I couldn’t believe it!

Cars were queuing up behind us and I could see the fear in the eyes of my traveling companions as I had to make the dreaded request for help, pushing the car. For a teenager or young adult, this is a huge deal because it is accompanied by a certain amount of embarrassment and worry, about being teased by whoever saw them.

I felt so bad as they started pushing the car ….

Fortunately, the friendly petrol attendant – Big Boy – saw how we were struggling to get the car started and he managed the situation with a quick effective push. We were on our way again!

This was not the first time this week. A friend and I had to figure out connecting jumper cables from her car to mine. Amid a lot of laughter, we got it done! Sisters are doing it for themselves!

We are in urgent need of a combi / minibus to drive our young around safely.

“If you do not ask you will not receive.”

Thank you Engen Selcourt for your great service! Please take the time to like their Facebook page.

Written and experienced by Kerry-Leigh Wright

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