Overcoming Fear

We are in the midst of a pandemic and it has bought in so much uncertainty. Hope, Faith and Grace wants to address fear this week.

We all have fears, it’s no secret. We encounter them on a daily basis in all kinds of situations throughout our lives. Many times, our fears manage to paralyse us, cause us to give up on realising our dreams, and steer us away from achieving our goals.

We have all experienced

fear of failure, fear of rejection or fear that we’re just not enough – fear is a common current that runs through all our lives. Now we are facing the fear of getting infected, losing loved ones and the fear of how this pandemic is affecting our income. If we let it, fear can keep us locked up in the prison in our minds that will prevent us from reaching our true potential.

Fear is a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion. It involves a universal biochemical response as well as a high individual emotional response. Fear alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm, whether that danger is physical or psychological.

Sometimes  fear can also contribute to conditions including panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We want to encourage you to turn fear into a valuable purpose, helping to break through the frustration to achieve the life you truly desire. Knowing that you are not alone, people care and want to help, makes a huge difference. That’s right – if you allow it to, fear can become a tool for finding fulfillment. Help others, and contribute to their lives by finding joy and laughter, and you will be helping yourself.

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