HFG’s Youth Are Stepping Up To The Challenge.

“As Marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing, to always be helping.”

Every organization has a structure of its own that it comprises of and is there for different purposes.

HFG’s marketing structure consists of mainly Youth. Our vision and mission is to help them out of disadvantaged situations by raising funds towards a safe haven youth center and what better way to do this than having people that can relate to them.

The Marketing team is made up of vibrant youth with different personalities, backgrounds and characteristics, but they all share the same sentiments and that is to help out their fellow peers.

The Youth dreams big and craves challenges to encourage them to explore new paths and options. This is why they are also stepping out in the community to steer them to the right direction. This organization is not only looking to benefit but also give back by advertising for the companies that are going to be contribute to our cause.

HFG is using these Youth marketers because being young is associated with being free, happy, cool, and culturally relevant. They also possess attributes of maturity, sophistication and professionalism adding an awesome dynamic to get our message across.

Our Youth is nothing short of this which makes the tasks easier to execute. Getting the Safe Haven Youth Center is a mission but with the team’s vibrancy, it is fun doing so.

HFG’S Youth are STEPPING UP to the challenge!