The Ripple Effect of Covid-19

The world as we know it has changed, many lives have been lost, others affected by the effects of Covid and others at a stand still.

The prolonged effects of lockdown on psychosocial support services resulted in the outbursts of uncertainties, acute panic, fear, depression, obsessive behaviours, social unrests, stigmatization, anxiety, increased gender-based violence cases and discrimination in the distribution of relief food .

The deaths are attributed to limited access to medical care facilities, shelters and other necessary facilities for safety. This burdens the government and the communities as the number of children requiring social support increases. The death of the breadwinner of the family caused hardships, hunger and pain especially in the vulnerable families that are living below the poverty line.

Gender-based violence cases continue to increase rapidly amid COVID-19. Measures to deal with rampant cases of GBV together with mental health and substance abuse must be enforced. Programmes to assist victims must be accessible, remain open and treated as part of essential services, these include shelters, helplines, and place of safety and counselling services and be afforded necessary financial, provision of rehabilitation and psychosocial support services during COVID-19.

Hope,Faith and Grace Community Project sees the urgency in having an accessible Safe Haven Center for such cases. This will assist a lot of youth with shelter during their time of distress and also help them develop their skills while at it.