Is Cold-Calling Dead?

People keep saying cold-calling is dead, but many successful businesses rely on it to drive sales,  in our case, sponsorships and donations. We believe that with your voice, you communicate much more than the message.

We have our marketers eagerly dialing numbers day in and day out.  Although it is such a turbulent activity, our team has been able to adapt to the circumstances and we are seeing enormous success calling up sponsors.

Many organizations prefer dealing with queries via email, but it is actually better to speak over the phone because voice conversations are more impactful, deep, and personal.

Especially when it’s on account of negative experiences- one that makes anyone anxious and impatient.

Well, that is because we are stuck in a situation and we need solutions quickly.  In addition to this, getting a bit of personal assurance from someone in flesh and blood-someone as human as we are gives that instant relief.  What started out as an impulsive, nervous phone call, may turn out to be a smooth,  pacifying experience.

What you lose with one bad phone call might take you tens of good ones to compensate.
So, to not fall prey to one,  you first need to understand what makes up a bad call experience that could hurt your organization. It’ll be a good start to know what not to do while on a call with potential sponsors.

Should one use a script when calling potential sponsors? The answer is YES! We have developed a basic script for our marketers to use because often we get stuck on not knowing what to say,  feeling overwhelmed by complexity. We take refuge in simplicity.

The more you do, the more you get!

Consistency is the key to success.