Youth unemployment

2021 figures are likely to show an increase in youth unemployment in South Africa, as the country is in the grips of recession that is being worsened by coronavirus pandemic. With your help we can change life’s. # hfgcp # safehavenyouthcentre

Unemployed teen pregnancies

Thunder Thursday Facts Teen pregnancy can result in a young girl’s education being put on hold indefinitely. They often do not finish their education which can hinder employment opportunities. Unemployed teens are more likely to live in a state of poverty and live on welfare. Educating young women about the financial consequences and limitations placed on job and career opportunities …

Do the math

Thunder Thursday The starting point for some learners is to improve home conditions. Abuse, neglect and the lack of basic amenities, such as running water and flushing toilets are a huge contribution to our educational outcomes. Have you ever heard that saying ” It begins at home” can make all the difference in the world. Do the math’s Loving, happy …

Parenthood affecting schooling

Thunder Thursday Facts What are the chances of getting a job without matric and experience? Without money? What education and life will these children get ? This is the reality we live in Help us help those that have not got a chance to a proper life because of circumstances beyond their control. # hfgcp # safehavenyouthcenter

Becoming a Teen father

Thunder Thursday Facts Becoming a teen father can be very scary, especially if it was not planned, in most cases they do not take responsibility for their children or do not know how to be a father. 60% of SA children have absent fathers, and more than 40% of SA mothers are single parents. Children growing up fatherless side-effects are …

Teen mothers and Depression

Thunder Thursday Facts😟 😕 🤔 These mothers are at risk of having a miscarriage, delivering their baby before the due date or having a baby who is too small. If depression isn’t treated during pregnancy, it can lead to postpartum depression and can affect the way a mother bonds with her baby. # safehavencentre # stopthecycle

How Fear Can Affect Us In Small Ways

What I experienced with some of our youth members last week: Anyone who knows me, also knows that I have not had the best of luck when it comes to cars. I have met many interesting people when my car has broken down. Often, it does start. Giving us an excellent conversational ice-breaker. I often pick up our young people for …

Our young adults in need

We have identified a huge increase of unemployment in our young adults. So many of them come from horrific situations, have not completed their education, and have no working experience making it so much harder for them to find jobs. In our phase one project we will focus on young adults ages 16 to 24 to empower them to become …


Meet Neglect, one of many children we have come across who feel so alone. Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project appeals to YOU to make a pledge to help our youth have a chance of a better future. Contact Kerry on 0721770489 for more information.