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About Us


The vision of the organisation is to alleviate poverty and empower people in the local communities.


By providing practical skills we are helping people thrive within our community.


The organisation has the following values based on the Word of God. Honesty, Integrity, Reliability

Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project
Youth Center

We focus on 18 to 24-year-olds from challenging backgrounds, such as foster care, the streets and difficult situations, addressing a critical transition period. Many face the abrupt end of support systems at 18, leading to potential involvement in crime, substance abuse, and destructive cycles. Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project provides a vital 2-year refuge to observe and guide them through their lowest points, helping break the cycle.

These youth often exhibit entitlement, swearing, lack of manners, and anger due to a history of rejection and broken relationships. By addressing their brokenness and providing a supportive environment, our center aims to instill direction, self-pride, and valuable life skills. This proactive approach empowers them to become employable or pursue self-employment, breaking the cycle of crime and dysfunctional family patterns.

In dealing with challenging youth, our initiative serves not only as a safety net but as a catalyst for a better future, mitigating the impacts of rejection and societal negle


Fruits of Dedication and Hard Work

Establishing our NPO and finding a suitable center was a challenging journey. Gratitude goes to Irma, who not only offered us the chance to rent her house but also played a crucial role in getting it zoned as a center. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the community coming together, generously donating towards our cause. Our marketing and HFG club youth worked tirelessly to transform the house into a welcoming center for our inaugural intake. Beyond just a physical space, the center has become a hub for teaching teamwork and essential skills to the youth in our community. With ongoing support, we aspire to continue providing a home and opportunities for many more individuals in the future.

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Do not remember the former things. Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth.​

Isaiah 43: 18 – 19

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