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Hope, Faith and Grace is a community project that is empowering the young people of the East Rand and uplifting them so that they can find employment. With your help we can make a difference in our community.


All donations are invested into our youth's empowerment, education and care.


We are in need of skills development, counselors and mentors. We are also in need of things for our youth center.


Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. Pray for our organisation leaders and the youth that we are impacting.

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For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.

Matthew 6:21

Our Safe Haven Youth Center

Our vision is to have a safe haven for our youth, a peaceful place away from negative influences. It will be a place where individuality will be respected whilst teaching the value of conforming to sound social norms. Our aim is to enrich the lives and minds of our participants, so that upon departure of our facility they can lead productive, sustainable lives – becoming contributing members of their communities.

And as you can imagine there are alot of things we will need to get our safe-haven up and running. Any donations will be much appreciated.

What you can help us with

The Land

We have identified a piece of land in Springs.

It meets all our requirements for our Safe Haven Youth Center.

Any assistance in obtaining this land would be greatly appreciated.


•Bus (to transport 26 residents on day and overnight trips, as well as take children to school)

•Minibus (to transport smaller groups of residents or volunteers)

•Bakkie (for collections and deliveries)​


Furniture and accessories are needed such as:

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Bunk beds
  • Curtains

School Supplies

Our residents will be in need of school supplies for their studies and development programs.

Other supplies include:

  • Printer & paper
  • White board
  • Projector
  • Sound system
  • School bags
  • School uniform


One of our focus points at the center will be self-care and personal hygiene. Therefore we will greatly appreciate donations of toiletries such as:

  • Soap & body lotion
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Deodorants
  • Toilet paper
  • Washing powder
  • Various other cleaning products


We will need people to help run our facility, and we can’t expect everyone to work for free. 

  • Computer Skills
  • English & soft skills
  • Business training
  • Skills development
  • Girl’s & boy’s residence managers
  • Driver & Cook
  • Security guard & services

These are just some of the basic needs for our Safe Haven. Many other costs will arise such as food, maintenance and medical bills that will need to be paid for. Together we can make a difference. With your donations we will be impacting many valuable lives, uplifting communities and creating a brighter future for generations to come.

Want to become a part of the project?

Volunteers are more than welcome to become a part of our team. Anyone from life coaching, skills training, mentors or spiritual leaders willing to contribute towards the enrichment of our youth is more than welcome. Please get in touch with us regarding voluntary work. 

Benefits of Sponsors

  • We are an approved Section 18A PBO, which means that we can issue you a valid section 18A certificate for your contributions for you to submit to SARS when you complete your tax return.  Additionally, Hope, Faith and Grace is not liable for donations tax, meaning that every cent you contribute is spent on our cause and none reverts to the Revenue Service.
  • Achievement of your organisation’s corporate-social responsibility goals.
  • Hope, Faith and Grace will give you free publicity for your organisation related to the contributions made.
  • A pool of potential employees for selection upon them leaving.
  • Business networking opportunities with other contributors, allowing you to grow your business.
  • Complete transparency and accountability as far as how contributions are used.

Donations and sponsorship funds can be deposited into the organisation’s bank account. Please use your name or your organisation’s name as a reference.

Banking Details

Hope Faith and Grace Community Project

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Branch Code: 19074200
Account Number: 1169694357