What We Offer

What We Offer

 As an intervention to eradicate poverty and uplift the skills of community members, Hope, Faith, and Grace Community Project  is offering various  programs to the public to generate a sustainable income.

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Web development

– teaching students the building blocks of the Internet and providing the fundamentals to building their own websites

Computer Literacy

Teaching students the core fundamentals of using computers and its accompanying technologies to allow them to interact with the digital world that we live in.

Business etiquette

Teaching students appropriate behavior and expectations for individual actions within the workplace to create an environment where all can feel comfortable and safe.

Financial Literacy

Teaching students to make informed and effective decisions with regards to  their financial resources.


Helping students understand who the best possible customers are for their products and services based on the customer’s key pain points and creating impacful messaging to clarify how they will solve these problems for customers better than anyone else will.  

Time Management

Teaching students the process of organizing and planning how to divide their time between specific activities to mazimize their productivity.


Ministering and Motivation

Enriching the youth with different pastors and motivational speakers to help them focus on making good decisions to help them in the future.


Start and grow a business

Eastern Gauteng Business Linkage Center has joined hands with us to offer a  course that gives every entrepreneur the basic skills on starting a small business of their own, building on business ideas, business plans,registration, managing finances, target markets, selling skill, costing products etc.

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