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To acquire premises from where the organisation can function in the community, working with all stakeholders that aim to uplift the community and its residents. Focusing on the well-being of the poor and needy, especially young people. Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project will empower people with the capacity to gain and retain sustainable employment and train entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses successfully.


The vision of the organisation is to make meaningful contributions towards the alleviation of poverty and the empowerment of people in local communities. Working closely with existing organisations, Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project aims to assist people mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to become self-reliant and create sustainable futures for themselves. Given the crisis of a disaffected youth that is largely unemployed, Hope, Faith and Grace wants to focus its immediate resources on helping young people.

We are planning on starting our project in Springs on Gauteng’s East Rand, with a view to expanding it into as far across South Africa as possible.


Kerry-Leigh Wright was working in a steady job as a manager of one of South Africa’s largest furniture retailers’ busiest stores in Gauteng. As part of her job, she went out into the surrounding areas to market the company.

It was during these outings that Kerry became aware of the rising levels of poverty which are besieging South African society. Seeing the poor and downtrodden so desperate to pull themselves out of their current circumstances, the seeds of an idea where planted in Kerry-Leigh’s mind. It was clear to her that what separated the people she was meeting from others was a lack of the skills needed for gainful employment or entrepreneurship.

This drove Kerry-Leigh to register Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project as a vehicle for change for the disadvantaged, especially the youth. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Kerry-Leigh wants Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project to collaborate with existing organisations that can offer their knowledge, skills and expertise as they work towards a common goal, which is the alleviation of poverty and development of employment skills.


Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project recognises that there are many organisations doing good work in the community in their respective areas and does not intend to act in a way to diminish them. Instead, Hope, Faith and Grace wants to unite organisations and help them network with each other for the good of the communities they serve.

Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project has recognised a gap in the care of young people who have lost their way and been abandoned by society. As such, it is working towards a community-based solution for this serious problem and wants to invite organisations and stakeholders to offer it their support. Starting in Ekurhuleni, Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project hopes to expand its operations far and wide to address this growing problem.

There is no possible way that Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project can change the world, but it can be the make or break difference in the lives of the people it helps.

About Our Founder

Kerry-Leigh Wright

Kerry-Leigh Wright has experienced the effects of coming from a broken home, where she witnessed fighting, abuse, separations, and divorce. She left school early due to circumstances beyond her control. Her father opened a shop and tavern on a plot in Delmas and insisted that she leave school. From the age of 16, she would work there for the following three years. She fell in love with a man who became her safe place and protector, but upon informing her father, she had to flee because he did not approve of the relationship. Kerry moved to Springs, worked in a well-known restaurant and through hard work and dedication, she became a manager.  However, she was torn between her love for this man and the judgement she endured from people around her, ending up living a double life, being in an on-off relationship, and having 2 beautiful children with him.

Kerry was offered a job in the retail industry and worked herself up to become a branch manager at one of company’s biggest stores.
She and her partner would co-habit in Alberton, where Kerry soon found herself in a dangerous situation, because her partner drank to excess, cheated repeatedly, was physically, mentally, and verbally abusive, and did not care to be a good father to his daughters.

The end of this relationship meant a new start in Kempton Park.  Unfortunately, Kerry soon saw stores being closed due to the economy and sadly, in some cases, due to poor management and demotivated or uncommitted employees.  Many stores closed, affecting more than 3,900 employees.

Kerry was privileged to meet amazing people who have helped her spiritually, mentally, and emotionally deal with whatever life has thrown her way, including a reconciliation in her relationships with her mother, father, and sisters. Through this, she found a passion to make a much-needed difference in the lives of those so desperately in need of a change in circumstances.  By working together with others, Kerry believes she can help them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to become victors in their personal lives and become independently employable or small business owners.

Kerry resigned from work, took a huge leap of faith, and founded Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project In 2018. She has found it to be a huge privilege working with various organisations, churches, and individuals to make so many projects a success. Through this, a new passion was found for vulnerable young people that are in difficult situations, and who need assistance to beginning the process of healing their broken hearts and help them find their purpose in life.  

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