Meet Neglect, one of many children we have come across who feel so alone. Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project appeals to YOU to make a pledge to help our youth have a chance of a better future. Contact Kerry on 0721770489 for more information.



Bullying is a huge problem our youth face. It breaks them down mentally and emotionally. It often gets physical, leading to children getting hurt or losing their lives. Many bullied children self-harm and become suicidal when they feel that it’s never going to end. Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project has a solution to this. It starts with the youth who have gone through some of the worst life experiences you could imagine. We want to help help them pick up the pieces, find their purpose, build their confidence, make a difference in others’ lives and eventually have a job and a sustainable future. Make a pledge and stand with us to start doing something for our youth today. Contact Kerry 072 177 0489 or Wendy 076 629 9703 for more information.

Our Next Project

Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project has finally identified premises for our safe haven youth centre. We appealing to our community to pledge and donate to this cause.
Give our youth a chance for a better future.
Contact Kerry 072 177 0489 or
Wendy 076 629 9703 for more information.

3doubleyou gives away a free website at the YESSA.

Daleen Groenewald was very excited after winning the first website sponsored by 3doubleyou on Thursday. There will be a draw once a month for a free website, and all businesses attending the YESSA breakfasts are eligible. Breakfasts are hosted by the Hope, Faith and Grace Comunity Project, held at Flora Hill on Thursday mornings at 7:30 am.  Come join us for a delicious breakfast for just R100, and network with other businesses in the Springs area. The money collected is donated to a different charity every week.

Guest Speakers Codi and Korsten

Our youth were privileged to have two guests join us at the HFG Youth Club. Drugs are becoming a huge problem in our society, and contribute to the high poverty and crime situation we are facing. We are on a mission to teach our youth the negative impacts drugs have on their lives and invited Codi to join us and share his life story with us. He told us how his life was changed by drugs and the struggle of getting over the addiction, to working at Elim and producing and sharing his story through his songs. How only God fills a void. We are going to focus a lot on drug abuse and stand alongside other organisations and community members that feel the same way to create awareness about the problem.
We also had Korstiaan Schipper who is gifted with prophecy to share word with our youth, with the encouragement to always get confirmation over any word spoken over them.
Thank you to both of our guests for taking the time to inspire our youth. We hope you visit us again soon. God bless.

Potters Haven Donates a Projector

Thank you so much to Potters Haven for the donation of the projector. I pray blessings over Potters Haven and the challenging work you do. Still you managed to bless our youth. Your kindness and love is making a huge difference in the lives of so many children that have been neglected. Hope, Faith and Grace is privileged to work alongside you and learn as much as we can for our youth. Keep up the amazing work, Andrew and Marlene🤗🤗💗

Green Coffee cares

Hope, Faith and Grace receive clothing donation from Green Coffee

Green Coffee Cares founder Dilsha Maharaj says there is nothing more that makes her content than giving back to the community. Maharaj adds solely our purpose in life is next to giving back to the next individual without expecting anything back.

“Clothing for other people is a luxury, why store clothes that can be used by people who are disadvantaged?” She rhetorically asked.

She adds whether it be clothing the idea of re-using is of imperativeness to preserve the environment we belong in instead of filling up landfills with material waste.

Maharaj says she hopes this donation is the beginning of a long and sustainable relationship between Green Coffee Cares and Hope, Faith and Grace to transform those who are in disadvantaged communities.

Founder of Hope, Faith and Grace Kerry-leigh Wright says the organisation is beyond pleased with the donation of clothes by Green Coffee Cares.

According to Wright the organisation has been in existence for about a year its objective is to alleviate poverty and provide skills for students who are currently in high school to be employable should they not have the funds to further their studies.

Wright emphasises a skill which their organisation offers is teaching students the building blocks of the Internet and providing the fundamentals to building their own websites.

“It is very important for the youth to be able to make their own money at a young age as it makes it easier for them to fit in the corporate environment and teaching them appropriate behaviour and expectations for individual actions within the workplace to create an environment where all can feel comfortable and safe” she added.




Volunteers and company visits


Hope, Faith & Grace Community Projects is about getting our community involved and one of the best ways we can do this is by giving them a chance to give back to our young adults. We are looking for volunteers to come and teach our youth a skill, supervising, team-building activities, fundraising events, camping events, and sharing some personal stories of encouragement.

If you can offer medical assistance, education, or medical and emergency rescue care, we will be most grateful.

Company visits

We would like to educate our young adults as much as possible and take them on outings while they learn. If you have a company that we can bring these young adults to for a tour to see how you run your business, please get in touch with us so we can fit it in our programme.

This is subject to a police clearance, qualifications and where we can slot you in on our programme.